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Our organic hazelnuts mainly come from growers located in the Nebrodi Park area.
The round hazelnut of Sicily is particularly appreciated for its characteristic aroma, the delicate taste and the intense fragrance.
Thanks to our close collaboration with the growers we can guarantee full traceability and quality of our product at each step of the process.
Our transparency is guarantee of a high quality product.
Nocciole in guscio
In shell
All along the best Sicilian hazelnut. Always at its top of freshness and quality.
Nocciole sgusciate
For many years we have been selecting the best Sicilian hazelnuts famous for their freshness, aroma and quality.
Nocciole tostate
Our hazelnuts are roasted using the just in time system so that you can enjoy all of their freshness.
Granella di nocciole
Diced and Roasted
It's produced in the sizes 1-2 and 2-4. The hazelnuts are carefully peeled and vacuum-packed.
Pasta di nocciole
Hazelnut Paste
100% hazelnuts nothing more. The pure taste of toasted hazelnuts (light roasting, medium or dark), it perfectly satisfies all type of needs and uses.
Farina di nocciole
Pure hazelnut flour. The finest flour for the best quality results.

Our products are available in the following package sizes:

  • Big Bag Kg 600/1000
  • Bags Kg 25
  • Vacuum-pack Kg 5 Box Kg 10/15
  • Paste: 1/5/10/20 Kg bucket and 200/1000 Kg tank
More Informations
Preparati all'ordine Our semi-finished products are prepared with the just in time system, using manifacturing techniques that guarantee their freshness and quality to remain unaltered.
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